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Adding compost and mulch around the base of your trees and shrubs will provide the natural nutrients needed without costly chemicals while also providing a natural environment for beneficial garden creatures, such as earth worms, to thrive. 

The many benefits are:

  • Natural Organic Nutrients
  • Reduce Growth of Competing Plants
  • Holds In Moisture
  • Provide Healthy Environment for Beneficial Earth Worms
  • Improves Oxygen Levels in Soils

There is a right way and a wrong way to add compost and mulch to your trees and shrubs.

Volcano Mulching is The Wrong Way:

I have often seen tall mounds of mulch covering the base of tree trunks and what has happened to some of those trees is trunk rot.  This is a fungus that has grown under the mulch and into the trunk of the tree and caused the heart of the truck to become infected.

volcano mulching

Ground Level Mulching and Composting Is Best:

correct mulching

Ground cover plants such as grass, ivy, weeds are cut and pulled back away from the tree trunk to the desired distance from the trunk.  Then about 2 inches of compost is added and 2 inches of mulch is added to provide the tree or shrub.  A fabric liner can be added to prevent future weed growth if desired, plastic liners break down and tear, impede good oxygen flow, so they are not the desired type of liner to use.  There must be 2 to 3 inches of space left around the base of the trunk to the edge of the compost/mulch to allow the trunk to breath and prevent fungal growth.